Your Website Traffic is Leaving Your Site Sooner Than You Think

Your Website Traffic is Leaving Your Site Sooner Than You Think

HubSpot has recently discovered that you might actually have a smaller window to make an impression on visitors to your website than you might think. According to recent data uncovered by Tony Haile of Chartbeat, 55% of all website traffic will leave your website after only 15 seconds. It seems that, instead of using the traditional way of measuring website and blogging success by tracking blog views and page traffic, we need to be tracking reading time and page engagement.

So what does this mean? Well, for starters you need to be making sure that your website is capturing your visitors’ attention within the first 15 seconds, if not sooner. Any longer than that and your site’s bounce rate will assuredly skyrocket. Secondly, you might want to either shorten your blogs and articles, or make sure that all pertinent information is at the top of the article so that you can be sure that your readers are getting the important information. We already know that website visitors and blog readers have a short attention span, so give them a reason to keep reading and keep browsing! You have 15 seconds to make your best impression, good luck!

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