What Should You be Looking for in a Marketing Automation Platform? [Infographic]

So you’re looking for a Marketing Automation platform. Where do you start? What do you look for?

Marketing automation started as a way to help marketers to be more efficient by automating their repetitive daily tasks for them. Because of this, those of us using such platforms don’t have to spend large amounts of time on tedious manual tasks that go hand in hand with generating leads and nurturing those leads to sales. This time can then be more productively spent on things that require more than just copying data from one place to another. One more great bonus of using a marketing automation platform is that it help to eliminate human errors. This keeps you running smooth and clear, which helps you to better serve your clients. pie chart

A GOOD marketing automation platform will allow you to choose how and when you respond to your visitors and leads. You can add context and value to the communications you’re having with the leads you’ve spent so much time generating and nurturing. These include a good blog platform and email engine to put out the type of content your leads want to see in multiple ways. Social media is a big one, too. Most everyone out there is on some kind of social network. Your marketing automation platform should be able to help you reach out to them, too. This type of personalization lets your clients know that you’re hearing what they want, and that you want to give that to them. A marketing automation software with this functionality will help you to keep those quality leads and clients, and to stand out from the other guys.

Using marketing automation technology is a growing trend around B2B marketers because it streamlines the marketing process, and helps grow your returns on your investments. Gartner says that companies that use this type of technology to automate managing their leads see a 10 percent increase in revenue (if not more) in anywhere from six to nine months.

Many medium and small businesses spend too much time trying to compete with the big guys for a piece of the market. Using a marketing automation platform can give smaller businesses a big boost here by helping them to really take care of their customers and create a strong client base that’s going to stick around. A strong client base can help spread the word even more about a small business, and before you know it, you and your reach are growing!

Did you know that marketing automation is the fastest growing segment of CRM in the last 5 years? (Focus Research). Sirius Decisions says that the adoption of this technology by B2B businesses is expected to increase by up to 50% in the next two years.

Speaking of CRMs, a CRM functionality is a big point to look for in a marketing automation platform. Integrating your CRM is essential in keeping everyone on your team on the same page. By integrating you marketing with your CRM, your sales and marketing guys can always have the most accurate, up to date information to best serve your customers. But beware! According to The Experts Bench, only 33% of B2B companies that use both a CRM and marketing automation platform would say that they actually play nice with one another, so make sure you’re getting a platform that can do this simply, cleanly, and most of all: can do it WELL.

If you haven’t yet started using a marketing automation software, or don’t know exactly what to look for, check out our handy infographic below. 

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What to look for in a marketing automation platform

Blog Written By Emily Hubbman