What is Parallax Web Design?

What is Parallax Web Design?

Parallax Web Design Explained


Parallax web design has become increasingly popular. However, the concept has been around in video games for years.  Parallax is mainly made by layering and having varying scroll speeds for the different layers.  This layering effectively gives depth to a website creating a 3D effect and also an illusion of perspective movement as the user moves through the website .  Parallax also allows the audience to interact with the website in interesting ways by not only scrolling vertically to the different pages but by also scrolling horizontally and the best part is you do not have to use flash.  This increases its ability to work across platforms and mobile devices.  Because of how interactive parallax is, it is extremely good for story telling.  It is almost as if the website is looked at it pulls in the audience enough to have them finish the story or at least scroll through the rest of the website.  There is no getting around it, but Parallax looks good.  As far as visually looking at a website there are not to many ways to make a website look better than using parallax. Using parallax also has its downfalls, for instance it is not as SEO friendly as a traditional design because it cuts down on title tags and meta description and reduces the amount of content in the site by placing most of it on a single page.  This can be overcome though, by adding HTML5 Meta Data and additional pages beyond the parallax home page or product page. Another issue to consider is load time which is arguably the most important SEO variable today.  Since there is so much content and imagery on one page, loading time can be greatly affected.  By planning for this and optimizing your files sizes and server speeds you can find a happy medium that will work to provide a great customer experience and a good search engine ranking..  If done right parallax meets form and function right in the middle which is what works best.

Telling a Story With Parallax Code

If I had to describe parallax to someone who is completely new to website design I would probably describe it as a story book. Parallax takes advantage of the fact that audiences like to be entertained.  This type of web design introduces some fun into web surfing while also being functional and creative. It is almost a story that is being presented to the audience in such a compelling and gripping way that it is hard to stop looking at it.  It pulls the audience in by looking fantastic and its hard to leave the website because the audience needs want to see whats next.  If done right it is hard to get away from the website before you get to the end.  This is perfect for marketing because you get to display and showcase your product in a new and interesting way which allows the audience to connect to the product or service in a completely nontraditional manner.  It also gives a completely new and interesting setting to introduce all the traditional marketing strategies such as a call to action.  This is usually presented at the end of the website.  This allows the website to display a compelling case as to why the audience should purchase the presented service or project. In conclusion parallax scrolling web design is an extremely powerful weapon in the arsenal of a web designer.  It allows for creative display of information and pictures while grabbing the audiences attention and making them want to continue through the website.  It may have its setbacks but it is most definitely a good way to market a service or product to an audience while keeping them entertained and willing to research the product or service further.

The Art of Flight Parallax web design

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