Video | How to Take Advantage of It in 2013

Video | How to Take Advantage of It in 2013

Recently the New York Times appointed Rick Berke Senior Editor and Director of Video Content Development. When the New York Times appoints some one to managing editor of a NEW position you see how big and important video is becoming with an online presence. Many from online users, news consumers, and others who use the web have an appetite for video. Many are starting to crave video. E-commerce professionals are recognizing and taking advantage of video, being that it is more versatile then they could have ever imagined.


Originally video’s were just a replacement for photos. They were a cool, hip,and  interactive thing companies and people could put on their websites. Today, video is recognized as a valuable marketing too not only for SEO but for social media and mobile commerce as well. So, let’s go ahead and take a look at what video will continue to do during 2013.

The “Shake Up” of SEO. Since Google shows a preference for videos in its search rankings, many only marketers are adding product videos to their websites to help raise their SEO profile rank. However, doing so is only the first step towards a great SEO campaign. A few months ago YouTube announced it would begin to rank videos and video postings based on “watch time.” Meaning videos that are watched for a longer stretch of time will receive a higher ranking than those viewed for only a few seconds. YouTube and Google are always changing their ways and this includes algorithms for video too, they are always searching for the best ways to present information that others searching will find relevant and knowledgeable.

Embracing Videos. Many digital marketers are being to embrace video more frequently and regularly. Brazil’s e-commerce market has grown over 26% in 2011 and expected to at least double if not triple by 2016. Marketers in these regions are forced to adopt new strategies that are in use by established markets like the United States. Where China’s e-commerce is expected to triple in size over the next three years.

Mobile Sites are Starting to Embrace Video. Consumers are starting to use their mobile devices more often to browse for products, especially more frequently when inside a store.  A properly executed video can include the details a mobile shopper wants and need when making a purchasing decision, including options, price, and where available.

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Commerce Loves Video, Specifically Curated Commerce. Pinterest for example has attracted huge audiences and allows them to curate content and collections of images based on specific passions, for example home decor, crafts, clothes, food, and celebrities. Originally Pinterest was limited to to individual users and around November of last year that it would start to offer business accounts for users. Making 2013 a perfect year for marketers to create “pinning” boards for their brands and businesses. Its great time for them to take advantage of video capabilities of other curated sites.

Digital Marketing. Unfortunately to create a video it takes time and money, so ultimately you want to get as much use out of videos as you possibly can. It’s to be expected for online marketers to to extend video’s beyond product pages, videos may arrive via email newsletters, social networks and across YouTube or Vimeo channels.

Product Imaging and Supplementation. Everyone knows photos take up space that could be used for more engaging content such as videos. Simple slideshows, with a voice over are way more engaging than just a still shot photo. They can deliver more information and also help close a sale.

User-generated and User-friendly. Video’s created by you customers can me more powerful than any other video created by a business. Consumer place a lot of their decision making on the input from other shoppers. User-generated videos can create and help increase conversion rates for e-commerce.

Video is going to continue to grow over the year, it’s going to help readers get involved with your site, attract large volumes of new customers, build quality backlinks, and provides a fresh way to reach your audience.

If you don’t have video by now, I suggest you implement it into your website. You’ll see the advantages you gain in just a few days.


kaylaBlog Written By Kayla Blankenship

Content Creator/Blogger/Social Media Strategist


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