Tips for Marketing on Facebook

The biggest and sometimes hardest tip to follow is just simply to stay on topic.

When developing a page or maintaining one it can get tough to keep your focus and continue driving forward. After all, there is only so much content one can think to put out, right?


The problem is that we, as marketers, tend to lose focus of the big picture by becoming too concentrated on an idea. It sounds so easy to stay focused on your business, but oftentimes, people tend to get more caught up in selling rather than interacting.

Here are a few more tips that have helped me gain traction again, focusing on the goal of growing a page and bringing in new fans and customers.

Tip #1: Post pictures and videos.

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Adding videos and pictures is a great way to market to people because it gives people something that is very important in marketing – a visual image of a service or product.

For example, an animal adoption clinic can post a status saying “Puppy adoption day is Friday!” and a few people will read it in passing and forget about it. But if they were to post a video of a cute Corgi puppy fighting with an ice cube with that same status attached to it, follows are more likely to remember what they read because they had a visual to go with it.

Tip #2: Interact with fans.

I once bought a game from Best Buy and was told that if I didn’t like it, I could return it for a full refund. However, that wasn’t the case. Being mad, I took the issue to their Facebook page and within hours they had responded. After a few emails were exchanged, I was refunded within a few weeks. I was satisfied with the outcome and the customer service that I received, so I still shop there.

Your page is an extension of your company. While most companies respond to post however they like, they tend to have positive interactions. Fans want that interaction. We now have human resources available on social networking sites to go accompany our online stores. These social networking pages are your public relation forum. It gives your customers easy customer service, a change to interact with the company and share the page with others who have the same interests. This is your brand, these sites are your public image.

Tip #3: Saturate the newsfeed.

This little tip goes a long way. Too often companies think that they need to crank out as many post as possible to bring people in, but that isn’t always the case.

Quality over quantity is very much appreciated. We all see those friends who post way too much on Facebook and it gets to the point where you become annoyed. The same goes with companies. It’s ideal to space your posts out throughout the entire day, instead of posting it all at once.


Written by Scott Criscione, Social Media Strategist.


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