Tips for Making a Meme

To start off we need to know where to go to make these memes.

I often refer to memes in my post (see what is a meme post to see what a meme is). Now, time to teach all of you how to make a meme and use them correctly.

The quickest and easiest way is just to use a meme-making site and click the tab on the top navigation bar based on which way you want to look at the list. I use the “Characters” tab and choose the option of most popular this week just to stay up to date.

Now that we are here we can pick a meme of our choice.

I will choose Philosoraptor meme. You will notice most have some description if popular enough. Now in the upper right you see your meme picture with the options “Top Text” and “Bottom Text” Type your message in. Click the language below (the U.K. flag).

Then click generate. 

You should see something like the image to the right.

You have two options here. Just right click and save image or screen capture it using the snipping tool. Right click is easiest, but some people like to get rid of the small logo in the corner.

Next just upload that picture to your wall of your page and there you have it for that website. Now at times it does have sizing issues. SO I will show you a backup plan if it gets weird and makes the letters to0 big.

QuickMeme is another site full of memes and templates. To start off go to the tab “memes.” Yes, I know there is a “make a meme!” tab but it leds you to the memes tab again. There is a reason it’s my backup plan. But scroll through all the memes and find one that you like. Click on the one you want and in the upper right is the “add your own caption” button. CLICK IT!

Now just type your own captions (make sure they are spelled correctly!!) and do either of the next two things:

Option one: Using the snipping tool on your computer, snip the picture.


Option two: Click “save and share” on the bottom left and then when it redirects you, just right click and save image.


That is my quick tutorial on how to make memes and hopefully they can help you in some way to helping you create content for your site or social media page. The best part about memes is that they are on the internet everywhere, which means that…….They are FREE! I would guess that 100% of all people enjoy free things. Including advertisement possibilities.

The goal with memes is just to be able to create cleaver content and add it to your arsenal of advertisements that you can use.  Often the best time to use them is when you need to fill content over a long period of time on your Facebook page. It can be tough to create content months in advanced so memes are a great way to just add simple ads and some comical relief to your market plans.


 Blog written by: Scott Criscione, Social Media Strategist


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