St. Louis Welcomes New Digital Display

St. Louis Welcomes New Digital Display

When someone sees The Arch it’s like a personal greeter saying “Welcome to St. Louis!”, but a new landmark is on the horizon welcoming people to the city. The Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel will be installing large digital display to the side of their building.

This digital display offers a lot for advertisers to be excited about. The new display will be 47 by 25 feet, video capable, and high definition capable. If you were the display looking out, you’d be able to see the cars drive by and the planes prepare for takeoff.

The display is located in a an area of the city that sees a ton consumer traffic, from people coming in and out of the airport to the people who commute to the city on this route every day. The display will have a 60 second read time for drivers coming east on highway 70 and can reach 712,365 eyes on impressions (EOI) a week. EOI is the calculated number of people who will actually notice the display, not just the number of people who are passing by. The EOI is figured by a statistics model that takes into consideration visibility factors, road type, size of the road, distance from the road, angle from the road, as well as the size and type of the display.

This display is brought to the city by a partnership between RBX Media, Anchor Communications, and the Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel.

We are excited to be involved in this project and can’t wait for August to get here to see the display in its shining glory. This is a groundbreaking type of display with only one other like it in St. Louis. We could not be happier to be the ones who will be selling this advertising space!

We are excited for the opportunity to be working with RBX Media on this project. RBX Media has experts in finance and hospitality, and specialize in experiential marketing. The idea of experiential marketing is to have the consumer get the full experience of a product or service by incorporating it into something else that the consumer is doing. By using this sampling and learning about the product or service, the consumer gets a better experience and is introduced to a product or service all at once. This method is one that they will utilize with the Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel.

Digital DisplayFor guests at the Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel, this new wallscape on the side of the building is more than just a place to showcase advertisements. It will also be a chance for them to engage with the companies who are being advertised. Companies shown on the display will be, in some way, creating an experience with the hotel. A car rental company shown on the display with a kiosk to rent cars from the hotel might be one way to create an experience. These experiences can be created in any number of ways, and can be done by any company.

The Renaissance St. Louis Airport hotel is a perfect place to start creating an interactive experience with potential customers. This AAA, four diamond hotel has 12 floors with 374 rooms and 19 suites. They also have at total of 37,000 square feet of total meeting space that includes 28 meeting rooms. There couldn’t be a better place for this new display!

This digital display has more benefits than we can count. It’s a great new landmark for the city that can be seen as people fly in and out of the city and drive down to the city, and a unique opportunity for companies to display what they have and to offer an experience all at once. This is a perfect opportunity for any advertiser to try something new and shine in front of the entire city of St. Louis!


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