Parallax Web Design

Parallax Web Design

Parallax web design has been called the future of web design for quite some time now. Today, it has become one of the biggest trends in the web design industry, period. Its¬†uncanny ability to take normal websites and transform them into works of art, while engaging users, has sent shockwaves throughout the web design industry, and people are starting to take notice. If you haven’t heard of it, or don’t know what it looks like, you can check out some outstanding examples from around the web. Here at AnchorSTL, we have been using parallax concepts for the past 5 years in our web design, however, just recently we launched our brand new, redesigned parallax site, so be sure to check that out if you haven’t already.

Parallax is a term that refers to the perceptible movement of objects and images when you view them from different perspectives, angles, and points of view. In actuality, this method was invented way back in 1982 when the makers of the arcade game “Moon Patrol” used it to make the background images move slower than the foreground images, creating a sense of depth for the gamer. Thirty years later, we have learned how to apply parallax concepts to websites. Of course, “Moon Patrol” was a 2D game while today’s websites are obviously a little more advanced than that.

With the introduction of HTML5, CSS, and other modern browsers, web developers have been able to incorporate multi-plane animation, new elements, and the creation of motion behind the y-axis into parallax web design. Now developers can create websites using parallax design to awe and impress visitors who visit their sites. Take a look at Nike’s Jumpman shoe site, the “Life of Pi” site, Nintendo Wii’s Mario Wii microsite, or Smokey Bones’ site and try not to be blown away by the animation and visuals. Pugeot went so far as to even incorporate audio into their parallax site. All of these sites take advantage of parallax’s features to not only shock and awe the viewer, but also draw them into the content and engage them. Try going back to normal sites after spending awhile looking at parallax sites. They’re bland, boring, and generally do not captivate or pull you into the content at all. Simply put, they do not have the pull and magnetism of parallax sites, and any company that doesn’t have one right now should be seriously considering getting one. The attraction they generate is unparalleled (pun may be intended) as far as websites go.


Another thing to note about parallax design is that it works perfectly for lazy users. Let’s face it, a majority of people who browse the internet do it lazily. They do not want to click on a lot of links and they wish everything came to them, as opposed to them having to look for it. With parallax web design, you will be putting all of your information on one single home page. All the user has to do is scroll and all your information will literally come to them on one page without them having to do any work. Couple this with the fact that parallax sites are much more interesting to look at, and you will create for yourself a tourist trap right on your website. You can’t lose!

Just like with anything else in the web development and marketing industries, agencies and companies are going to have to learn to adapt to this new type of medium. Parallax web design used to be called the future, but in reality, it is the NOW of web development. If you and your company wait too long to incorporate parallax concepts into your website, you will quickly find yourself losing business to competitors who ARE using parallax web design. Don’t be one of those people. Jump on the parallax web design wave today and reap the benefits

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