Magento vs WordPress

Magento vs WordPress

Working in website development can be a dream job for anyone who is creative and loves computers. However, all website developers have their horror stories. You can choose to learn from your own trial and error, or you can follow the advice of someone who has been there and made their own mistakes. When developing an eCommerce store, you will face many decisions as to which software choices you want offer to your customers and which software do you prefer to work with yourself. Here at Anchor, we have experienced this problem many times. Fortunately, we recently got the opportunity to hire a Magento developer, and this has reduced our problems significantly. Of course, WordPress eCommerce stores are Magento eCommerce stores’ primary competitor, so the Magento vs WordPress debate has been going on for some time now. Here, we will elaborate and discuss the pros, cons, and similarities between the two so you can ultimately make your own informed and educated decision.


  • Hidden fees
  • CSV upload issues with images or variables
  • Plugin failures
  • Limited shipping and payment options
  • No suggestive shopping
  • Frequently hacked


  • Easy to install themes
  • Wide range of plugins
  • Easily integrated into a WordPress site

magento vs wordpress

With multiple WordPress plugins, we have found that they claim they are FREE, then when we have gone through all the hassles of fighting the CSV uploads, we get hit with the message: Please pay us $100 a month to be able to use FedEx and There has even been a few times when we put an entire site and eCommerce store live, then found out the day of the launch that it has been hacked and all the prices or images have been changed or deleted. Free WordPress stores have also been known to not accept variables to be uploaded with the CSV file. This is okay if the items you are selling do not have size or color options. However, the CSV files will not allow you to upload multiple images at the same time. We recently did a store with 2,000 products where we had to individually select the photo rather than hosting the images on a server.


  • Developers can be expensive
  • Hosting costs are higher
  • Longer length of time to install


  • Gift card options
  • Customizable shipping, theme and payment
  • Top of the line store
  • Out of the box features offered
  • Great support options
  • Wide choice of extensions to add on
  • CSV image import

Magento is higher priced right out the gate, which can be a major downfall for a customer. However, as a developer, you will find Magento much easier to work with. Magento is completely customizable, top of the line eCommerce software. We have found many out of the box features such as gift card and promotion opportunities. There are also several extensions you can add onto the store. We have used email extension- SMTP Pro, slideshow extension- JM Slideshow, and navigation menu- JM Mega Menu.

magento vs wordpress


  • Dashboard feature
  • Use of a CSV file
  • Compatible with a WordPress site


Overall Magento has essentially become our lifesaver for eCommerce stores. As a project manager for over a year, my team and I have had our issues, but the decision for us on the Magento vs WordPress debate has been an easy one, and we feel it should be for you as well. Magento is more expensive up front, but it more than makes up for the cost down the road by eliminating headaches and hassles that are normally associated with the creation and launch of a WordPress eCommerce site.


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