Magento vs Prestashop

Magento vs Prestashop

You may be lost as to which eCommerce platform to go with at this point for your ecommerce website. Luckily for you, we have had to make this decision several times before and we understand that choosing to go eCommerce can be a huge step for you company. However, if you do not choose the right platform for your company, you can actually damage your eCommerce profit. Drawing off of our own experiences using the platforms in the Magento vs Prestashop debate, we’ll give the pros and the cons of using each platform.

Prestashop CONS

• Csv upload of only 50 at a time

• Upgrade failures

• Not user friendly unless you’re a programmer

• Theme customization is not quick

• Themes are expensive


Prestashop PROS

• Easy initial installation

• Beginner level shop

• Image upload from a server

• Mass inventory changes


Prestashop is a beginner level shop but it is also targeted more towards  programmers. You will spend a hefty sum on a theme and will need some assistance customizing the theme if you are not familiar with using eCommerce software. For example, my team recently completed a Prestashop store only to hand it to a client who upgraded the software a week later. Since the theme was not compatible with the new upgrade, it deleted the entire store.

Initially, the install is easy, and once you invest the time into learning the back end you will have no problems adding products.

magento vs prestashop

Magento CONS

• Developers can be expensive

• Hosting costs are higher

• Longer length of time to install


Magento PROS

• Customizable themes, shipping and payment

• Top of the line store

• Out of the box features offered

• Great support options

• Wide choice of extensions to add on

• CSV image import


Off the bat, Magento will cost you more and the hosting fee a per month will be higher. However, if you have more products, Magento will be worth the cost in the long run. The ease of using this software will benefit your company, making life easier and increasing the visual appeal of your eCommerce site. The options you have available to you will allow your visitors to have a shopping experience that no competitor will be able to match. You will be able to easily upload your CSV spreadsheets and give your clients out of the box features.

magento vs prestashop

In the end, our overwhelming recommendation for an eCommerce platform is Magento. Magento is, simply put, much more customizable and user friendly than any other software we have used previously. In the battle of Magento vs Prestashop, Magento is the way to go. You will be happier and your visitors and customers will be happier!


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