Magento eCommerce Store Developer in St. Louis

Magento eCommerce Store Developer in St. Louis

Anchor Communications in St. Louis has been in web development for over 10 years, but has recently gotten into Magento eCommerce store development. Magento is one of the most powerful eCommerce software packages and is used by many large corporations. At this time, over 150,000 businesses use this software, thus making it a top of the line solution for online store development. With the choice of using a pre-designed theme or customizing your own, a developer can work side by side with the customer and make their website very cost effective. Magento stores can be easily optimized for search engines and have a wide choice of extensions to add even more capabilities.

With Magento, you have full control to create your own coupons and promotions which can increase your sales and leads. Shipping and payment options are completely customizable as well, along with the entire site. Magento offers out of the box features such as persistent shopping, customer segmentation, customer rewards, gift registry, and more.

magento ecommerce in st louis

Based on our previous experiences with Magento, we are very confident that this is THE way to do an eCommerce store. We have had many surprise issues pop up in the past while we have used other types of software. Magento, however, has proven itself capable of fixing, or even completely eliminating, issues we have encountered in the past. There will be no more delays in creating an eCommerce store coming from hidden costs, CSV upload issues, or even plugin failures. Magento offers us support, whereas other software companies did not. This gives us an advantage to fixing any issues that pop up and getting the store done and live at a faster pace. Customers have proven to be happier with this new software than any of our eCommerce store customers previously, and we strongly believe by using Magento that we can deliver the results and satisfaction that our customers and clients desire when designing an ecommerce site.


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