Just a few Facebook and Meme “No-No’s”

If you’re going to do it, do it right.

While offering tips and advice for Facebook and memes, I must point out a few no-no’s as well about advertising on social media. If you’re going to do it, you need to do it right, otherwise it will be a wasted effort.

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself!

Spell Check

So let us get this blog kicked off with one thing that I see on a regular basis — the lack of SPELL CHECK!

I’ll admit, a spelling error has happened to me once or twice, too. In the days of texting and messaging, we often shorten words or are not told that we messed up on a word’s spelling. I could have our graphic design artist here at Anchor Communications make the greatest piece of art ever for a company and it looks so cool that it can be in the hall of advertising fame (if there even is one of those…), but if I make just one typo and spell a word wrong, that bit of advertising goes from great work that brings in customers to a fail situation.

Those little mistakes makes you and your company look bad.

My advice, type everything in a word document, even if you copy and paste from the internet, always put it in a program that will spell check it. Also, read it out loud. Sometimes, just to hear it helps you pull out mistakes and makes sure that everything sounds alright. When in doubt about a spelling error, or if you’re unfamiliar with a word, go ahead and use a different one.

We all will at some point make a mistake. Just the other day the NFL had a typo on a tweet. It happens. But the goal is to make it happen as few times as possible.

Next thing is don’t unleash the river.



You see, we don’t mind ads, but we do mind too many ads. If you have one or two spread out throughout the day, go for it. However, if you keep it going every hour, your customers will be like those poor orcs – running for the hills!

It’s ok to have updates on major events. If you are a radio station broadcasting a sports game, go ahead and update us with the score once in a while, but if you are a shoe company and you are putting out pictures of every shoe you have, that’s too much. It’s tough to know when you are “flooding the feed”.

Always think as a customer would.

Realize that they like you, but they don’t want you constantly spamming them. That’s bad business and will led to them leaving your page, and we don’t want that. I’ve said it before and will say it frequently, quality over quantity will keep them around.

Interaction is a good thing…

My final quick tip is just to make your page as close to human as possible. Companies who just advertise and have no real interaction will find themselves with a bunch of dead likes and no real growth of customers because customers have no reason to go to the page. So be involved, ask questions and post funny posts. Sometimes, the best advertisements are ones that no one thinks is advertising anything.


Written by Scott Criscione – Social Media Strategist


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