How To Write Good Blog Titles That Will Be Found On Google

How To Write Good Blog Titles That Will Be Found On Google

With 35.8 million new posts on WordPress a month how does your blog get read? Great content means nothing if no one reads it. So let’s break down the basics of writing good blog titles that will be actionable, keyword conscious, brief, clear, definitive, and intriguing to really help you write a compelling blog title that can be easily found on Google and gain more readers.


Why would the reader want to read your blog? There needs to be some benefit the reader will gain by taking the time to read it, so let’s give them a reason! Be informative enough to allow a decision to be made or action to be taken. Look at the example below; the title is actionable because it is expressing that the reader will learn how to generate quality followers on Twitter.

“How to Generate Quality Followers on Twitter”

Keyword Conscious

If Google has taught us anything, it’s that in order to be found you need to use search engine optimization.  Most importantly, the page title and Meta description need to have keywords to help Google find your post and match it to what people are searching. Since Google reads a page from left to right (like humans do) the most important words of a search should be the farthest left. This keyword should also be bolded in the first paragraph to reaffirm to Google what the page is about. Look at the example below; the most important keywords are “Klout Score” so they are placed farthest left in the title.

“Klout Score | What Is It And What Does It Mean?”

Good Blog Titles


Keep your blog titles short and to the point. By keeping the title brief a reader is less likely to lose interest and more likely to understand what the blog is about more quickly. We recommend keeping the title under 80 characters. Look at the example below; the title is brief and accurately shows that the blog is about do it yourself SEO tips.

“Do It Yourself SEO Tips 2013”


You want your readers to know exactly what they are about to read. By being clear in your title you can ensure that your readers are getting what they want. Try to stay away from unclear word usage and make sure your title makes it blatantly obvious what someone is about to read. Look at the example below; the title makes it clear the blog is going to be about how to run a successful email marketing campaign.

“How to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign”

Good Blog Title


Another thing to remember while writing your blog title is that you are the expert, and your work is the result of the knowledge you have collected. Write the title in a definitive, best of its kind manner. You want to show readers that you have the final solution to their problem. Look at the example below; the title illustrates the 11 press release best practices thus definitively saying this blog has the best information on the topic.

“11 Press Release Best Practices”


Lastly, make sure your blog title is intriguing enough to actually get readers to look at the post. Entice a reader to read past the title into the post by catching their attention and creating a sense of wanting to learn more. If you are writing for your target audience, it should be easy to intrigue them by writing about their interests. Look at the example below; readers interested in SEO would be intrigued to read how it is affected by Google’s Hummingbird update.

“The New Google Hummingbird Update | What Does It Mean For SEO?”

Use these helpful rules to write good blog titles that can help your blog be found on Google and gain more readers. Stand out from the millions of other blogs and take an active approach to blog writing and bring your blog to the next level. Good luck and happy writing! :)




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