How to Write a Jingle

How to Write a Jingle

The songs from commercials that you cant get out of your head, those are jingles. In fact, that’s the point; the purpose of a jingle is to create brand recognition and to help people remember the brand. The question is how do you come up with a jingle without being a musical genius? Luckily, we’re here to help you with this dilemma and have provided a guide on how to write a jingle below!

Start With the Brand

The brand is what is being advertised here, so it is the most important part. The idea is that as soon as someone hears the jingle, your brand is instantly the next thing that they are thinking of. Start off by creating a list of keywords that pertain to your brand. After you have some keywords of your own that you think are important, look at some of your competitors to see what they are emphasizing. Think about how you are similar to your competitors and how you are different. It helps if there is someone else there working with you to create the jingle that way there is someone to bounce ideas off of.

Back to English Class

This is what people find to be the hardest part, the writing. Be prepared for this to take a bit of time because chances are that you won’t fall in love with the very first thing that you write. Another thing that will help when writing the jingle is to think out loud. The only way to hear how a jingle will sound is to read or sing it out loud. Don’t worry about singing perfectly. Reading ideas out loud allows you to have an idea of how different words sound together and to hear different inflections. Thinking out loud also allows you to bounce ideas off of other people.

how to write a jingle

When writing the jingle it is important to use the words and phrases that you came up with before, but also keep in mind some writing techniques that will help get your jingle stuck in the minds of consumers. Rhymes, repetition, and alliteration are all things that will help your jingle stick out; companies like Kit Kat, Oscar Mayer, and Folgers all used these techniques to make their jingles more memorable. However, not every jingle uses these techniques. State Farm, for example, does not use any of these, yet it is one of the most popular jingles around. It’s not something worth dwelling on, but it might help if used properly.

Music Style

After writing the jingle, most of the work is done. Once you have a jingle that you like, one that fits your brand, and one that sounds how you want, all that’s left to think about is what you want your jingle to actually sound like. One thing to consider is what style the jingle should be set to. The way that a jingle is sang can really change the sound of the jingle and can affect who remembers it. The style of your jingle should be determined by what appeals to your target audience. They style also needs to fit the personality of the brand. It makes more sense for a relaxing spa to have a jingle with a classic or smooth jazz style than hard rock, just as it would make sense for a commercial geared for kids like a toy to have a style that is more upbeat and energetic over a soft and soothing sound. The final thing you want to think about is if you want the jingle sang with a male or female voice. Part of this will have to do with the style that you want the jingle in.

how to write a jingle

Hopefully these tips at least get you started in the right direction while writing your jingle. Just keep in mind the major points we discussed on how to write a jingle and you should be able to come up with a jingle that is not only relevant to your brand, but is also memorable and will stick in people’s minds for a long time.


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