How to Upload Images to Prestashop

How to Upload Images to Prestashop

When you make the decision to upload images to Prestashop, it can be a fight. For someone who isn’t that into programming, they will be intimidated when they Google an answer to this problem. There is not really an answer out there as to why so many people are having this problem, and Prestashop offers little help on the matter. After hours of searching and trial and error we have found a solution. What Prestashop does not tell you is that the images need to be uploaded at a maximum of 50 images at a time. Try this process with a small test grouping before trying to upload a larger group, just in case you encounter errors. This will speed up the time Prestashop takes to process and upload the products. Here, we have a very simple step by step process for anyone who is new to the concept of Prestashop or just wants to learn about a fast way to do this.

Making a Spreadsheet from Excel:

To put the images in a spreadsheet to upload when using a server of images, you must create a concatenate formula to piece the URL together. In this case we had a column of product numbers (which matched the image names on our server), a column for the file extension (in our case, they were all .jpg files), and a column of the server URL up until the image name (for example: “” Don’t forget that last /). We click on the cell where we want to place the new URL and click on formulas. Then click on text functions and drop down to concatenate. Fill in the rows by clicking on the cell you wish to be placed there, or type in the cell number (See below for an example). When you fill out all the boxes you need, click okay, and you should have a put together URL. If you have several items, just click on the cell and in the bottom right hand corner you will find a square. Drag this down and it will automatically fill the rest out. It should look like this:

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Uploading the Images:

Once you save the Excel spreadsheet, you need to open it in OpenOffice. This is an open source (read: free) program you can download online that is very straight forward and user friendly. We use OpenOffice because it saves exactly in the format (with the encoding) that we need. Once you open it up in OpenOffice you need to save it in a .csv with a semicolon as the field separator. As you open Prestashop, you click on tools and directly under tools is a CSV Import button. Upload your .csv file. Under import you drop down from categories to products, change the field separator to a semicolon as you did on OpenOffice. If there are still sample products from Prestashop, you can also opt to delete all existing products. Make sure that you select the square that says use product reference as key. When selecting your drop down menus on each column you need to select “ignore this column” for the blank columns and also the columns that included the file extension and incomplete server URL that you used to create your full image URL. The column with the image URL needs to be selected as image URL. Depending on how you have your spreadsheet laid out, you may need to skip lines. In our case, we skipped two lines for descriptions of the columns while uploading over 12,000 products. Prestashop will not flag an empty box if a product is missing an item. It will only flag an error if you have a completely empty column or try to add over 50 images at one time.

All said and done and you should have a product uploaded onto your website. If this works on your test group, increase the amount to include up to 50 products with images. If you go over 50 you will incur several error codes, including the error message that it did not finish the upload and you will need to re-save a smaller portion on the .csv file in OpenOffice.

Hope this helps!


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