How to Generate Quality Followers on Twitter

How to Generate Quality Followers on Twitter

As cool and futuristic as robots may seem, in social media, they are not that cool to the people who are following you. Twitter is an extremely engaging social media website, and, with millions of users all around the world, it is a great place to make a mark as a company or as a person. This is done by gaining followers. One of the most popular way businesses like to gain followers on Twitter is by using robots to tweet for them, follow accounts for them, or automatically follow back people who follow or mention them. This will help you grow your account, but it is not the right way to gain followers. If you do not know how to generate quality followers on Twitter, don’t guess, this article will help you with this very problem.

Most people measure a Twitter account’s success by how many followers that it has. However, this is not an accurate representation of how powerful, influential, or even successful the account is. A Twitter account should be measured by the amount of quality followers it has. Anyone can go onto Twitter and play the follow back game, where someone follows a Twitter account for the sole purpose of getting that specific account to follow back. This is not the right way to gain followers. For businesses, followers that play the follow back game are useless because the likelihood of them becoming a lead, or even a useful source of information, is slim to none. Don’t waste your time getting hundreds, or even thousands, of followers on Twitter that will be of no use to you when you could be spending your time getting quality followers that could actually benefit you and your company.

generate quality followers on Twitter

The best way to gain useful followers on Twitter is to be human. It may be a little more time consuming, but posting tweets in real time goes a long way and people recognize this. Twitter is about quality, not quantity. The more quality users a Twitter feed has, the more useful that account becomes. Quality followers are more likely to be interested in what the feed is talking about, and are therefore more likely to develop a relationship with your account and your company that could eventually turn them into a paying customer. To generate quality followers on your company’s Twitter account, follow these handy tips:

Do Not Use Robots

Automating can be an addicting thing to start on Twitter because of its perceived benefits. Although it is good for setting up posts on the weekends or when you’re not monitoring the feed, there is not much else it is good for. Twitter feeds should be done personally and in real time.  This is beneficial because there can be a real time conversation between feeds, and people notice that you are taking time out of your day to converse and interact with them. This sends a much more personal message to your followers and they will recognize and appreciate this.

generate quality followers on Twitter

Have Real Conversations

Twitter can be one of your greatest channels of communication with leads and customers if utilized properly. When writing a Tweet, the user should ask questions and engage the audience. The Tweeter should try to get a response out of the followers, talk to them, and respond to questions and concerns of  followers with quality, informative content. This makes a difference. If it is a down period and you’re not getting much interaction on your account, you can stir interest with a simple educational or humorous post. This will educate your followers while also showing them your company’s personality at the same time. When people understand that they are communicating with a real person instead of a robot, they notice this and it makes them much more likely to continue following you, interact with you, and ultimately end up doing business with you.

Have Great Content

Any Twitter user should always be posting great content. With so many Twitter accounts out there, you will not be heard or recognized unless you are providing something that is useful for your followers. Great content can consist of a number of different things including:

  • Links to blogs. 
  • Links to whitepapers.
  • Links to eBooks.
  • A humorous picture or cartoon that is relevant to your business.
  • A poll.
  • A contest.
  • Many more!

So, as we have pointed out, quality Twitter followers are worth so much more than having thousands of followers who do nothing for you. Just remember; the more human your account is, the better. The more you incorporate the human element into your posts, the more quality followers your account will generate. These quality followers then turn into leads, who then turn into sales. A handful of quality followers is much, much better than having thousands of followers that you simply gained on “follow-backs”. Don’t just be another robot in the vast and massive Twitterverse, stand out by following these handy tips on how to generate quality followers.


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