How can I advertise with Facebook?

Why should you choose Social Media Marketing?

Facebook is near the one-billion active monthly user marker (source: Nicholas Carlson, San Francisco Chronicle). That would be the third largest country in the world if it was one, just a few hundred million behind China and India who both top over 1.2 billion people according to various sources.

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So this site is kind of a big deal and with such a large community of people it is now a vital part of marketing. Companies have chosen to market on these kind of sites because it’s cheap and can bring in new markets that you may not have had before. Companies are learning new ways to market themselves to the masses. The greatest example of this is ESPN.

What ESPN is doing right, and how you can do it, too.

ESPN has a few big advantages, and not just because they’re arguably the biggest sports network worldwide. ESPN knows how to get people engaged with their posts – using pictures with questions in the caption that ask for fan opinions, funny photo-shopped pictures and sometimes just by throwing out a highlight reel. They make content that fans, teams and players of the network want to share.

On a smaller scale, I’ll reference local mixed martial arts company, Fight Me MMA. They had a fight night coming up and were promoting it very well. On top of the hard copy advertisements, we added Facebook posts and continuously updated the page to promote the event. Plus, we knew our target market – people who like MMA enjoy the fighting culture. So we spent some time researching memorable quotes and movies, pulled them onto our page and watched the likes/shares happen. Fight Me MMA now has over 6,000 fans and that fan base is growing at steady pace each month.

All it takes is a little extra effort.

Bringing in clients via social media requires time, and yes, getting those fans to keep coming around can have its drawbacks. But if all that effort brings in a few extra sales a month, is it not worth it? ¬†Most company’s say yes to that question at first, but soon get side-tracked, turning that yes into a half-hearted no.

Social media is something most of us are engaged in for hours a day, and most of us are just there to post pictures and statuses. Social media advertisers and marketers spend hours finding/creating content for social media pages just so companies can add a few extra fans each day and begin to steadily grow. While not everyone will get a million followers, a few hundred or thousand are not out of the realm of possibilities. In fact, for some companies or individuals, that can happen in just a few weeks.

While creating a page is simple, the content part is not as easy to create. But once you find someone who can do it effectively, it can pay off in the end in terms of sales, and let’s be real, sales are ultimately the goal of every business.

So that my friends, is how you can use Facebook to advertise yourself and your business.

Written by Scott Criscione – Social Media Specialist.


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