Facebook News Feed Introduces Story Bump | What It Means For Marketers

Facebook News Feed Introduces Story Bump | What It Means For Marketers

Facebook recently introduced a new feature to their news feed called “story bump.” Story bump is meant to promote the most relevant content to the top of the Facebook news feed based on the particular individual browsing Facebook. So, in other words, based on that individual’s interests, Facebook will now place posts with more reaction and engagement (Likes, Shares, Comments) at the top of the news feed, even if they were posted hours, or even days, before. This new story bump feature is an adjustment to the already established EdgeRank. Story bumping has been rolled out to 99% of desktop users and it is still being refined for mobile use. Bottom line, the new story bump feature will show you posts that you may not have seen when they were initially posted.

To give an example, imagine you are scrolling through your Facebook news feed and you end up viewing 30 posts. However, the 31st post that you missed initially shows up at the top of your news feed 4 hours later because it has continued to receive Likes, Shares, and Comments. Your news feed will now display popular posts that have received a lot of engagement above posts that are more recent.

 Facebook news feed

You’ll notice that the post with more engagement (71 Likes, 7 Comments, and 19 Shares) is at the top of the news feed even though it was posted several days ago, while the post that was posted only 2 hours ago, but only has 36 Likes and 2 Shares, is displayed below it. Facebook has already conducted studies on the new news feed and they have found that there has been an 8% increase in Likes, Shares, and Comments on posts by company pages. So, starting on that good note, let’s take a look at how marketers can leverage the new story bump feature in their favor.

Not Every Post Is Seen By Everyone

According to Facebook, the average person can possibly see up to 1500 posts a day, however, it is Facebook’s job to show you the most relevant and interesting things based on your online behavior. So not every post you post is being seen by everyone who Liked you page. Facebook has stated that the following things affect their algorithm:

  • How often a particular individual interacts with posts by a page, friend, or public figure.
  • The amount of Likes, Comments, and Shares a particular post receives from the world in general and especially from your friends or trusted company pages.
  • How often you have engaged or interacted with similar posts in the past.
  • Whether or not the individual, or other people, are reporting or hiding a particular post. So if you publish a post that a lot of people are hiding from your news feed, odds are it won’t show up in many other people’s either.

If you are wanting to see posts from a particular page or friend, regardless of the type of interaction the post is generating, you can create a Facebook Interest List much like the lists you can create on Twitter. You will see EVERY post of any page or friend you put on your Interest List. That being said, we strongly recommend that you encourage your fans to create their own Interest Lists and include your company’s page in it. To do this, simply click on the “Liked” button of the page you have already Liked, then click “Get Notifications.”

It looks like this:

Facebook news feed

Story Bump Increases The Shelf Life Of Your Posts

Wisemetrics recently conducted a study that found that most posts on Facebook receive 75% of their overall engagement within 2 hours and 30 minutes of the initial post. It takes less than 2 hours for it to reach 75% of its max reach. In other words, the window of exposure for any given post used to be very short. However, with the new story bump feature, stories that receive a lot of reaction and engagement (Likes, Shares, Comments) will jump back up to the top of news feeds, regardless of the time they were posted.

Facebook news feed

Engagement Is King

This has been a fundamental concept of any type of online marketing for years now. If you are not engaging people with your posts, you are not accomplishing your ultimate goal, which is to increase exposure and awareness of your brand on the internet. So how do you do this? Simple, you need to continuously be creating and promoting relevant, interesting, and REMARKABLE content! Whatever you do, just don’t be boring! This may seem like a tall task, but don’t fret. Facebook’s Insights feature allows you to see which posts are generating engagement and which aren’t, so you can model your future posts after the posts that seem to be generating the most interest among fans. You can see your engagement rates by clicking on the “View Insights” tab at the top of the admin panel, then scrolling down to see your most recent posts and their reaction.

It will look like this:

Facebook news feed

Facebook news feed

The “most recent posts” section will literally show you exactly how many people have seen your posts and how many people are engaging with them. This will give you a great perspective of what’s working and what isn’t, allowing you to adjust future posts accordingly.

Don’t Forget About Facebook Advertising¬†

The best Facebook marketers don’t need Facebook advertising to accomplish their goals. Their content is so relevant, engaging, interesting, and REMARKABLE that it is shared without any help from Facebook. However, not everyone is an expert on Facebook and can drive content themselves. If you want to give your posts a little extra boost, then you can take advantage of Facebook advertising to generate more reaction on a particular post. You can see the “Boost” feature whenever you scroll over a particular post on your page. By advertising a particular post, more people will see your post, therefore increasing the chances of interaction with the post. Ideally, your Facebook advertising will generate enough interaction on your post that story bump will bump it up to the top of people’s news feeds. If that doesn’t work, then people are not liking the content you are producing.

Facebook news feed

The new Facebook news feed story bump feature should have marketers excited because it rewards posts that generate engagement, which is what inbound marketing is fundamentally based upon. Knowing posts that generate Likes, Shares, and Comments are now being moved to the top of the news feed, marketers should be scrambling to produce the best possible content for their Facebook pages. Here at Anchor, we have seen several posts reach thousands of people without any form of Facebook advertising simply because the content was so great. So what does the new story bump feature mean for marketers? It means that those who continuously produce interesting, engaging, and REMARKABLE content are the ones that are going to be kings of Facebook’s news feed. So start creating AWESOME content and reign supreme over the feed!

Brett GordonBlog Written By Brett Gordon Certified Inbound Marketing Strategist | Content Marketing Specialist | Social Media Strategist | SEO


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