Customer Retention And Delightion | How To Be “The Happy” In The Age Of Unhappy

Customer Retention And Delightion | How To Be “The Happy” In The Age Of Unhappy

If you stand back for a moment and a take a look around at the modern face of society, where has all the happiness gone? Does anyone even laugh anymore? It seems like these days people aren’t smiling as much, their wallets and purse strings have become tighter, and a general pessimism seems to have settled over the American societal landscape. It’s as if happiness and joy have become a commodity, while negative feelings and emotions have become prevalent. In fact, it has actually been found that today’s younger generation may never be as happy as their parents throughout the course of their lifetime, adults laugh an average of 15 times per day compared to children’s 400 times per day, and adults also average a paltry 7 smiles per day. Of course, of those 7 smiles, how many of those do you think are actually genuine? So, knowing this information, how is a company supposed to excel at customer retention when a majority of their customers are having trouble simply smiling everyday?

With recent economic issues, political bickering, and people’s developed immunity towards external messages such as television, radio, newspapers, and magazines, it is becoming increasingly difficult for brands and companies to get their messages through to the masses, especially in a positive light. So how are they supposed to combat this? Well, let’s think about this for a moment. Imagine a glum man walks into a restaurant and orders a drink after a long day at work. He is clearly tired and in a less than chipper mood. He greets the waitress with a grunt, orders in a low mutter, and spends a majority of his time drinking his beverage and looking out the window. Now, the waitress could choose to simply serve the man his drinks, let him pay afterwards, and be done with it. She’ll probably never hear from him again and he’ll hardly remember ever going to the restaurant in the first place, let alone remember the type of service he received while he was there. So let’s switch things up this time around. This time, the waitress greets the man with a big smile, asks him how his day is going, and cheerily takes his order. Then, when she comes back, she decides to bring the man two drinks instead of one and tells him, “You looked a little down today, so I thought a drink on the house would pick up your spirits a bit!” The man may be taken aback at first, but he would undoubtedly be impressed and may even crack a smile. As the meal goes on and the man continues to order more drinks, the waitress is constantly smiling, asking him questions about his day, and just generally flooring the man with compliments, cheeriness, and an overall POSITIVE attitude. Once the meal is over, the man pays (probably a larger than normal tip), and leaves in a much better mood than when he came in. Do you think he’ll remember going to the restaurant? Do you think he’ll remember the waitress? But most importantly, do you think he’ll GO BACK to the restaurant in the future?

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The key thing to remember here is that the waitress ALREADY HAD THE MAN’S BUSINESS. Once he walked into the establishment, he was essentially a closed deal. Yes, he could get up and leave, but something dramatic would have to happen, such as a confrontation with one of the employees or if there was something seriously wrong with his food. Of course, those would be negative practices by the restaurant, not business as usual like when the waitress simply served the man. So back to the point. If the waitress already had the man’s business, why would she go above and beyond when there is no guarantee that her added efforts will pay off in the long run? The answer lies in her recognition of the man’s attitude when he walked in. The moment she saw that the man was down and in a bad mood, she identified an amazing opportunity. She could use her service to SURPRISE and DELIGHT the man, make his day, and ultimately CONVERT the man into a lifelong promoter of not only her services, but the restaurant’s services as well. It didn’t even take much extra effort from her. All she did was change her mood and surprise the man with an extra drink. This alone made his entire day. Simple things like these speak volumes to people.

Starbucks recently performed their own version of SURPRISE and DELIGHT by simply using an app that brought their coffee cups to life. Any customer can download the app and use it on any cup that was purchased from Starbucks. By flashing your phone’s camera on the coffee cup, it triggers the app to introduce you to several characters which you can play around with and learn about. The app also includes traditional and social sharing abilities which allows users to send eCards along with holiday offers from Starbucks to anyone that they know. The app allows Starbucks to not only SURPRISE and DELIGHT their customers, but it gets them engaging with the company and reinforces the Starbucks brand in their minds in a positive light. This is a little effort that did huge things for Starbucks because customers recognized Starbucks’ efforts to go above and beyond to DELIGHT them. You can see specifically what the app did in the video below.

To put it bluntly, if you want your company and brand to survive and excel at customer retention in an age where pessimism is constantly creeping around in the corners of peoples’ minds, then you need to learn to take advantage of that pessimism and become that one shining moment in people’s lives. If you are that, it will be IMPOSSIBLE for people to forget you. Not only that, they’ll be eager to share the amazing experience they had with your company with their friends, families, and even co-workers and business associates. Next thing you know, you have people and companies banging down your door because THEY want that shining moment to be a part of their livess too. So ditch the negative and gloomy attitude and make someone’s day. Make someone laugh. Make someone feel good. Make someone glad that they chose you. Make someone feel special, or wanted, or needed, or important. Because like the old quote goes, “You don’t stop laughing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop laughing.” So stop growing old, and start feeling like the 400 laughs a day you experienced as a child. Your customers will LOVE you for it.

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