Choosing Social Media as a Marketing Tool

“Why Do I Need Social Media?”

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Potential clients ask me that question all the time. To sum it up in a few seconds before I elaborate, you need social media because it’s popular.

Let’s look at some facts:

– There are over ONE BILLION Facebook accounts. That is just under 1/7 of the world– 6,973,738,433 people, to be exact.

– Twitter has 175 million registered users.

– Youtube users upload more content to the site in ONE day than one person can watch in a lifetime. On average, 48 hours of video are uploaded every minute.

The Truth Is

The truth is, there is a lot going on in the realm of social media, and if you are not using it as a tool for getting your business name out there, then you are potentially missing out on reaching a wider client base.

Here’s a great example.

I used to work as a dish washer at a pizza buffet. One night while talking to the owner, we brought up how some days we just didn’t have any business. Some nights, half of the employees couldn’t clock-in, just because we just had so few people come in. Obviously, as a business owner, he wanted to be busier. I suggested using Facebook and YouTube to draw customers in, but he replied that they were a waste of time and blew it off. Of course, we continued to have these random spells of “dead” nights up until I left the job to return back to college.

Though the place is still in business, think about how advertising power could bring in just ten more customers each night. That would bring in around sixty dollars a night. Not a significant amount, right? But think about it this way – with the exception of a few holidays, if that advertising brought in just sixty dollars during the open business hours for one year, it would earn generate a profit of  $2,160. Not bad for a small amount of FREE advertising!

Many People Think Like My Boss

However, if his pizza company had a Facebook page, they could easily get likes, shares and followers by posting pictures just of pizzas and the desserts they offer, reminding customers that they are cheap and delicious. With geo-tagging apps like Foursquare, which make check-ins seem like a contest to visit a place as often as possible, customers can add tips for others and post photos of your business, products or service. Some companies even focus their advertising solely on YouTube, which has 490 million unique users who visit every month (Jeff Bullas, Feb 2011))

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Social Media has become a Major Part of our Lives

Individuals spend 700 billion minutes each month on Facebook (Bullas, Feb 2011). With smartphones and the Internet available seemingly everywhere, we can easily access unknowingly large amounts of information. In addition to getting your name out on social networking sites, thanks to new updates to Google software, social media is picked up by their algorithms and helps move business Facebook or Twitter sights higher than even their websites.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all free and ready for your business to advertise through them. What are you waiting for? Join the social media frenzy and start reaping the benefits today!


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