11 Press Release Best Practices

11 Press Release Best Practices

Inbound Marketing is all the rage and you probably have heard that press releases are a great way to promote your business. This is true, but they must be done properly or it could hurt you. Press release best practices are important for a number of reasons. A press release is not just a story you type up in a matter of minutes. We do 8 press releases a month at a minimum and have found these key ways to increase the visibility of your company online. If a press release is not properly written, it may reach the top of Google searches, but it could turn away business due to the poor quality of the release or if you forget to put a link to your website.

1. Attention Grabbing Headline

Attention! Attention! Make your headline scream for attention. Readers will not continue to read if your headline does not keep them interested. Have your headline show readers what they will learn by reading your press release and why your press release is important.

2. Focus on a Key Theme

When your write a press release, do not choose multiple topics. Choose a single topic for the release and focus on that. Your readers will come to read the press release for the information the headline is offering. If you combine multiple subjects in one release, you will only confuse your readers and they will quickly discard your release.

3. Pick an Angle

Do not switch your angle half way through the release. Choose an angle of how your story is being told and stick to it. Too many times have we read a release where they are discussing a controversial issue and they start on one side and switch to the other side halfway through. No one is going to think of you as an informative source if you cannot keep your story straight.

4. Images That Are Eye Catching

If you include images in your release along the side make sure they are eye catching. When you choose an image, it should match your story and be noticeable. The point of having an image is to get your readers’ attention and get them to keep reading.

press release best practices

5. Use Newsworthy & Time Sensitive Information

A press release needs to be on important information. Write about something relevant that people will want to read and that the news stations or news papers will want to publish. You can write a document about hiring a new CEO, publishing a new website, or even creating a new partnership with someone.

6. Write Professionally & Proofread

Usually, you will want your content marketer or another experienced writer to write your company’s press releases. If just anyone writes the press release, it runs the risk of not sounding professional and you could be unknowingly losing business as a result. Also, make sure there is no texting jargon in a press release (GR8, 2NITE, CYA, etc.). Your readers will want to be informed and feel like they are discussing business matters with an adult and in a professional manner.

7. Use Statistics

Statistics are the best way to present an idea or concept while backing it up at the same time. Anyone can talk about how awesome they are or how successful they’ve been, but not everyone can provide the numbers to back those claims up. If you have statistical evidence to back up your ideas, concepts, or claims, use them! They are one of the strongest ways to drive home a point and resonate with your readers.

press release best practices

8. Focus on Your Specific Audience

Choose a targeted audience and write for those readers. You will want to choose an age group or a particular industry for example. When you designate your writing to a specific audience, you can better personalize it to draw in the reader.

9. Share on Social

Do something with your press release! You should publicize and promote it after it is published. Once it is up and showing up in Google search, go ahead and share the link on all your social media pages. You wrote it for people to read, so show people who are already following you online.

10. Take Advantage of SEO

Press releases are great for SEO. Take advantage of SEO and create some landing pages to link to from the release. If you optimize correctly, the press release is going to be ranked high in search engines, so take advantage of this by boosting your website with landing pages and shares on social media.

11. Include Information on the Company

One thing that most writers forget to do in a release is include information on the company. The writers get so involved in discussing the topic of promoting someone or releasing a new item that they forget to go ahead and include a paragraph on themselves and general information about the company. This includes the company name, address, phone number, and a brief history of the company along with the company’s mission or manifesto. This ending paragraph is also sometimes called a boiler plate.

press release best practices

A press release is one of the best ways to inform your customer base and expand that customer base at the same time. You will spread the word of all newsworthy information in just a few short hours. If a press release is done properly, and you follow these press release best practices, you will see a return in leads and gain a higher ranking in search engines.


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